The Annual Report for the year 2016-2017 has been completed by the Internal Auditor and is now with the External Auditor. Below, you can find the relevant documents from the Internal Auditor's report including the notification of Public Rights (also posted on the Parish Council's notice Board)

Annual Report (AR) 2016-2017

Internal Auditor's Report and annual Report Statements

Internal Auditor Report

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement

Public Rights Notification - 9th July 2017

Notification of Public Rights 

Notice of conclusion of the 2016-2017 Audit - Notice of completion

The originals can be inspected by contacting the Parish Clerk 

Completed AR16-17 Section 1

Completed AR16-17 Section 2 

Completed AR16-17 Section 3

Budget - 2017-2018

To be published once approved by the PC

Expenditure over £100 - see the Income and Expenditure statement below. For more details of the costs and purchases, please contact the Clerk

2016-17 Income and Expenditure Statement