Other Documents

Here are some key reference documents that should be useful for those wishing to know more about the NP.
The Parish Boundary (the area within which the NDP applies). Parish Boundary
The Community Led Plan (CLP). The CLP is a report of a community survey carried out in 2015 which comprises the initial parish consultation stage of the NP process. You can find the full CLP in the left hand column of our Home page. For the Action Plan, derived from the CLP findings, click this link CLP - Action Plan.

Declarations of Interest. It has been confirmed that all non Councillor members of the SG or FG should complete and submit a Declaration of Interest form - downloadable here: Declaration of Interest Form. The forms when completed will be displayed on this website.
The Community Engagement Strategy is here: Community Engagement Strategy.
The Statement of Community Involvement is here: Statement of Community Involvement
The P&BB NDP will draw heavily on the Otley plan which, for reference is here: Otley NDP


Pannal Land - HBC
Pannal Trees
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Pannal 1949 2 Web size
LandscapeFGPresentation27th February 2018full
LandscapeFGPresentationBriefNotes27th February 2018

Questionnaire Guidance 

Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Schedule