Neighbourhood Plan

The Essential Information

Harrogate Borough Council has approved the Parish Council’s request to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (NP). This is a big step for the parish and when complete will confer benefits that far outweigh the time and effort required to develop it.

This page of the PC’s website will be dedicated to the NP until such time as a separate website is set up – if needed.

This page is under development as we seek to secure the services of a consultant who will guide us through the planning process.

The NP can be a fairly long process but our aim is to complete the plan for approval by May 2019.

The development of the NP is led by the Steering Group (the NPSG) of which the Chair is Councillor Cathy Burrell ( and 07912448732) and Deputy Chair is Jackie Wootton ( All correspondence on the NP should go through Cathy or Jackie although the Parish Clerk ( will also be closely involved as the PC’s Responsible Financial Officer – RFO.

Members of the NPSG include: Howard West and Jane Chung. Ian Birchall may be present when matters of finance are required to be discussed.

More information will be added to this page in due course but of great importance is that this is a community effort and we are looking for residents who wish to help develop the NP. If you think you can help, please get in touch with Cathy or Jackie in the first instance.

Should you wish to see the minutes of NPSG meetings, we have taken these down for now and they can be obtained, in the interim period, from the Parish Clerk. The next Steering Group meeting is on 26th April and the agenda is here: NPSG Meeting 26-4-18. The draft minutes of the 26th April meeting are here: Draft Minutes - 26th April meeting